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Kittens Available
Pet Prices:
Bengals: $1300 - $1500
Savannah F5,F4,F2  $1500- $5500
Abambu Cattery  and official Home of  DeAnimal Saver
Bengal and Savannah Cats
Savannah F1
African Serval
in Arizona
These Boots R Made 4 Stalkin
F2 Savannah male
Savannah and Bengal cats qualify as
Certified Therapy Cats.  (ESA)

To Certify your Cat go to:
Licensed by
State of Colorado

Our cats eat grass fed / range
free meats & grain free cat
food with NU-VET Immune
System Builder
 My kittens are now
healthier then ever!!!

Nu-Vet vitamins provides all the vitamins / nutrients
your cat and dog needs to live a healthy and full life.
order click here:
Call Nu-Vet Plus at 1-800-474-7044  Use
code: 41147

Natural human grade cold pressed ingredients / all ages
/    Loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, herbs,
vitamins, minerals, and more

Benefits: Rid toxins / immune system / organs / bones /
skin / muscles / coat / digestion / energy /


Nu-vet includes Vitamin C which is essential for all
animals. Vitamin C has shrunk tumors in animals and

A Cat's purr is equal to 25 - 150 Hertz which is also the frequency at which muscles and bones heal themselves.

Are they claiming that being around a cat is healing to humans?  Let's find out.

1. Petting a purring cat reduces stress and decreases symptoms of dysponea (breathing problems)

2. The purr lowers blood pressure and heals bones (Hertz frequency stated above)

3. Cat owners have a 40% less risk of heart attack

4. Purr vibrations help heal swelling and infections, soft tissue, muscle, tendon,  and ligament injuries.

There you have it. Get a cat!

Dry Food:
What is the best dry food on the market?  I can't think of any. Life's Abundance is not on the
market and when it arrives it is 6 weeks old or less. Dry foods on the market / store shelf can be a couple years old.
Most dry food have little to no food value and that is why so many animals are dying so young. There is more disease in animals and
humans now then ever before due to vitamin deficiencies. We now have
HOPE.  L A received a very high rating from the pet
food advisor survey.

If you feed dry food, this is the only dry food I would recommend. For your first order, please call Life's Abundance at
1-877-387-4564    Give them my ID# of 20195507. Once you are on the system, you can order on line.

Canned Food:  I recommend ORGANIC Petguard Chicken and Vegetable formula. Order at Chewy.com   (free shipping)
Also I recommend feeding your cat grass fed / range free meats:  raw chicken breast, raw gizzards/hearts, boiled    
turkey/chicken, cooked turkey hamburger, liver raw.
Cats need lots of moisture so please do not just feed dry food.
Cat Babysitting
Available to our

Please email us
for  availability
Success Stories:
HOLISTIC PET HEALING:  Now available through Abambu Cattery
                                         Free Consulation Via email or phone
Allergies / Cancer / Cardio / FELV / FIV / FIP / Detox /
Digestion / Distemper / Eyes & Ears / Heartworm /
Kidneys / Liver / Muscular Dystropy / Nutrition /
Pancreas / Parasites / Parvo / Poisoning / Prostate /
Immune / Mange / Pain & Joints / Radiation / Senior Pet
Health /  Sickness / Skin & Coat / Thyroid / Tumors /
Urinary / Vitamin Deficiencies /  Vomiting /
Unfortunately we are unable to diagnose your pets condition either by phone or email. We can offer suggestions
based upon the information you provide and experience gained working with our customers. Ultimately, you are
responsible for your pet’s health.

Return Policy  All consumable products are sold with a NO RETURN policy. Non consumable products may qualify
for a return the discretion of our supplier.

Disclaimer    By purchasing our products or by using our website for any reason including information, you have
agreed to these conditions.

***Please Note:   The information contained within this website is intended for education and information
purposes only.
Organic Dog canned Food that I would recommend:  Petguard organic at chewy.com  / Raw and
homemade diet with the Nu-vet vitamins also great choices.
Willie with Cancer of the nose
Willie after his vitamin treatment
Kelly the 18yr old cat
survives       Lymphoma, / nasty
dental infection / bleeding tumor
Dog with leg tumor Before
After vitamin Treatment
Sarabi survives lymphoma
with Holistic care
Savannah F3
Savannah F4
Savannah  F5
Savannah F2
Poisonous Plants: Lillies and Poppies among
the most poisonous to cats.  Here is a list of safe  
plants for your pets.

These are just a few of the toxic synthetic chemicals that cause organ damage and early death. Please check the
ingredients in what you are feeding.
Zeus Recovers from suspected
Muscular Dystrophy in 6 weeks. It
hit him hard and paralyzed his
face. You can see the pain on his
Mavy Beats Lymphoma
Teddy is a BEAUTIFUL  7
month old Pyrenees-
Shepherd mix puppy with
Mange / Upper respiratory
/ infected gooey eyes /
overload gut bacteria /
weak immune system /
painful joints.  Natural
treatment starts on July
10th, 2016
We will keep you posted
on his AMAZING recovery.
Raja has the most energy I've seen in a cat. And I've had 5 growing up. He loves to play all the time, and is very lovey.
His energetic states (zoomies) happen a few times a day where he zips around the house and jumps on nearby things, or
plays with our 80lb dog. The food and vitamins that DeAnna recommends are fantastic.     Alyssa
Savannah and Bengal Gallery
Jenna after holistic remedy
Jenna Pitbull with MANGE
One day after treatment Teddy's eye
infection almost gone, and he is
running around like a puppy should.
10 days after treatment Teddy's
hair coming in on the left side of
his nose.
Rory on July 26th 2016
before treatment
Rory  The Famous Dashboard Cat
Photo taken May 2016
See Rory on the Kelly Rippa show.
Rory's Owners Kelsey and Josh rescued
her from a shelter even though she had
FELV. They kept her alive and well for
over a year.   Sadly Rory was diagnosed
with ,LYMPHOMA, And FIP as well. Rory
surccombed to FIP which is one of the
most deadly feline diseases.  We did what
we could for you baby girl, RIP
A few days after treatment
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Sarabi has been cancer free since Sept 2015. She was
born with a Cletf plate. Please share her GoFundMe
page. Click on link below. Thank-you so much.
Zeus 100% better after just
weeks of Holistic teatment
Lady is lethargic, in alot of pain,
can't run or do stairs. has very
bloodshot eyes, sleeps 23 +
hours a day, Wheezing.
Lady perks up and she is
smiling, bloodshot eyes are
clear, she can run now, walks
upstairs, wheezing is gone,
she's guarding the house again
and greets her masters at the
door. Lady has her life back!!
German Shepherd
considered for Euthanasia
A few days after
holistic treatment
.I never thought a senior dog could benefit this much and SO QUICKLY!!! from natural healing. We have our dog back now she even ran for the
first time in several months. She has been lethargic and would sleep 23.5hrs a day. We were considering putting her down. Thank goodness we
crossed paths with you, or she would be dead by now. She is our baby and my husband's pride and joy!!. She is very alert now as you can see in
the photo. I am so Grateful and can't thank-you enough for saving our precious dog, Lady. I encourage Everyone who has a pet to consider
holistic natural remedies and better yet, preventative care.    Robin Sharp

Chronic Urinary Tract Infection HEALED Naturally

In 2016 my
15 yr old beautiful Calico Mina began to suffer from a urinary tract infection which hung on for many months.  
Other than noticing a little more stress on her face and in her eyes and a bit more hiding, I had no idea she was suffering from anything until I noticed  blood in the litter box.  
After many months of injections,medication, and many tests, she was still not healed
A friend put me in touch with DeAnna Lee, known as DeAnimal Saver,who immediately suggested a diet change, holistic remedies to detox my Mina, and an amazing vitamin supplement to boost mina's
immune system so her body could take over and heal itself.
I felt this overwhelming sense of relief after speaking with DeAnna, knowing instinctively that this was the answer we had been looking for since I myself believe in organic nutrition.

I was ecstatic when after an approximate 30-day treatment period, upon re-testing we received a glowing report on her urinary tract and kidneys.  This great news filled me with joy and relief, gratitude
and peace knowing that not only had this program worked but I now had both of my girls on a lifetime food plan that would keep them healthy, active and thriving for the rest of their lives.  I will not
hesitate to reach out to DeAnna if we ever again need a recommendation for treatment of any kind, as she possesses not only vast knowledge of natural healing for ourselves and our beloved pets and
the resources to obtain what is necessary, but most importantly the compassion and drive to get to the bottom of what is ailing our animals and get them a remedy fast.  When I first spoke with DeAnna,
she told me this was her life's work and how much she desired to heal all of our sick animals who are suffering due to bad and/or insufficient diets and not only did I have every reason to believe her, we
now have proof how true this is.  

You can currently find information about her and the products she recommends on this site,  abambucattery.com.  See  some great preliminary information and posted pictures of other pets she has
healed.  We owe it to our pets as their guardians to provide the best life for them and DeAnna is our new direct line to healing and perfect health.  Thank you DeAnna, you are an angel!

PLEASE check out  her new website, DeAnimalSaver.com (about to launch),
Sheila Parker